Saturday 9 March 2013

Simplicity 2865 tank

This post is majorly overdue, since I actually finished this top two weeks ago and have just been too busy/lazy to photograph and post it.

I made the tank top view of Simplicity 2865 (far right of the envelope).

This was one of the first times I've tried sewing with a stretch fabric (after hearing many horror stories). In the beginning, I had no problems at all! Everything was going perfectly until it came to the neckline binding. Somehow, I kept getting catching the fabric and making little folds along the neckline. And picking out stitches is where I began to hate stretch. Finally, on my third time picking out the stitches, it happened. I managed to rip a sizeable hole near the neckline of the top in a very obvious spot in the front. Oops! Luckily, I was able to reshape the neckline to make it a bit lower and wider and hide the hole. I was worried this would make it too low-cut, but I think it's alright. Plus, I can always add another tank under it. The rest went by with no real issues, except for that I realized I sewed the placket a bit crooked. However, I don't think it's super noticable and after the fiasco of picking out the neckline binding stitches so many times and making a hole, I decided it wasn't worth it and left it alone. The hem is also in need of pressing, but it's going into the wash anyway, so I'll do it later.

Overall, I liked the pattern and am planning making one of the dresses at some point. Probably the left neckline with the center length. Plus, everything for this one (fabric and buttons) came from my stash, so hooray for stashbusting!

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