Sunday 14 July 2013

Meet my new friend!

Back in June, the bf and I went on a road trip down through Idaho and Washington state. It was awesome. The drive was absolutely beautiful and I really enjoy visiting Seattle (Pike Place Market was so cool). We even got a chance to go kayaking, which I totally fell in love with. One other thing we made sure to do was go to a fabric store and look for a dressform. Since I had the bf in tow (he only has so much patience for fabric stores), I only ended up going to one major fabric superstore: Hancock's. For those of you with a Hancock's in your neighbourhood, this might not sound exciting at all, but prices for patterns (99 cents for McCall's) and the dressform were much better than here in Canada. So after a lot of thought on the matter, I decided to get the basic Sewperfect model by Dritz. It's pretty basic, but it was relatively inexpensive, so I won't feel bad when I need to upgrade in the future. Here she is (sorry the photo quality is a bit poor):

So far, I've been really happy with her, but I only set her up last weekend, so I'll give a full report once we've spent a bit more time together.

Here's some pictures of our trip!

Puget Sound
Space Needle

Pike Place Market

Riding the golden piggy (bull riding style)

At the first Starbucks

Glass statue in Tacoma

Glass sculptures

Guy blowing glass at the glass museum
Ballard Locks
Lift-y bridge near the locks
Cutest honey truffle evar!


  1. That looks like a great and solid dress form!

  2. I live in Canada too, and am definitely going fabric shopping next time I'm over the water (Seattle is a 2 hour ferry ride from me). Was it Hancocks in Seattle you went to? I can also get a ferry to Port Angeles, WA, but the ferry times mean you only have about 2 hours on shore before you have to go back (unless you want to stay overnight), but this is just long enough to go fabric shopping...See a theme here! haha. I managed to get a secondhand mannequin from the local online used goods website, or else I could never have afforded one. Why are sewing goods so expensive in Canada? Booo :(

  3. Ahhh I love Seattle. I've been several times but haven't had a chance to explore it too much (made it to the space needle one year, and the market another, and I was THRILLED to see the fish guys!). I was really hoping for a picture labelled "the 12th Starbucks..." LOL. I was looking for a place to eat one time and could literally stand at one Starbucks and see three others, it was hilarious (but it was late and they were all closed and I was hungry, so that was less hilarious).