Wednesday 20 November 2013

Sassy Librarian Blouse (aka. six-months-ago-Megan and now-Megan have a discussion on fitting)

So I finally finished my Sassy Librarian Blouse from Christine Haynes's Craftsy class. Yay! Unfortunately, I'm not super pleased with the results. This is partially due to the combination of my body type and the style of the pattern and partially due to a lack of communication between sixth-months-ago-Megan and now-Megan.

Check out that crazy shoulder ripple!

You see, I started this blouse a good six months ago, before moving. Then it got packed up and forgotten about until a couple weeks ago when my sewing inspiration returned and I decided to finish it (just in time for the bow neck blouse sewalong!). Unfortunately, there was clearly some differences in thinking between six-months-ago-Megan and now-Megan. This was meant to be a wearable muslin. However, six-months-ago-Megan decided to do all the neckline facings and finishing, but not try it on. I know right! Crazy girl. Although to cut her a little slack, the side seams are one of the last things you do on this pattern (before only hem and buttons). So when I tried this on a few weeks ago, the fit was terrible! I remember grading from a 10 for the bust to a 14 for the waist and hips. Yet when I tried it on, the fit through the top was big and the fit through the hips was very tight. So I let out the side seams as much as I could and also removed 2 of the back release pleats. Now the fit through the hips is good. I was lazy and decided not to fix the fit through the shoulders and bust. Mostly because it would result in a weird dart in the middle of the back and some shoulder darts that would really interfere with the tucks down the front.

Some crazy blousey-ness on the one side
Also, partly because I don't plan on making this again.Nothing against the pattern itself, since I've seen some really cute versions in the Craftsy gallery, but it really doesn't do anything for my body type. I prefer styles that have a bit more waist definition, while this pattern includes some release pleats that actually make it more blousey at the waist. Kind of the opposite. I'll still probably wear this top from time to time (or see how it fits my mom), but I don't plan to make another version. Although there's a good chance I will steal the cute little buttontab or collar from the other version to add to another pattern.

Not as scary from this angle
A few details on this one. The main fabric is from my stash (whoo stashbusting!). I believe it's cotton but I've forgotten all other details. The trim is leftover from my Sorbetto tank. I love me some polka dots! Also, I wanted white buttons, but I needed 15mm shanked buttons and the only ones that Walmart had were these black ones and I did not feel like driving all the way to Fabricland for more buttons.
See the blousey-ness from the release pleat

Finally, a word on Craftsy platform and the class itself. I like the level of interactiveness of Craftsy and Christine was a good teacher. Sometimes it's so nice to actually see someone do a step rather than read it three times and still scratching your head. My only complaint was that there was no written instructions. More advanced sewists are going to be totally bored watching Christine do every step in detail. But if you skip ahead, there's a chance you'll miss something important. For example, waiting 8 minutes while she does a 4 step buttonhole was kind of a pain when your machine does a one-step. Other than that, I really enjoyed it.

But the bow is super cute!


  1. It's a cute little blouse - too bad it didn't work out great for you. I know how that is!

  2. I have to make a muslin or at least fit the main fabric main pieces first for everything now, even my daughters. It's so worth it. But the top looks cute!