Friday 3 January 2014

2014 New Year's Resolution - Sewing Edition

Last year I joined Em Sew Crazy and Cation Design's Stashbusting Sewalong. And I did pretty well! I think I sewed 6 pieces from stash fabric, which is pretty darn good considering how sidetracked I got last year.

And while sewing through my stash was great and I need to continue, this year I need to do a different kind of stashbusting: my pattern stash. Since beginning to sew, I've amassed a LOT of patterns. Indie patterns go on sale: I buy them. Big 4 patterns go on sale: I buy them (not-so-much lately as I've been feeling the indie stuff). While I doubt I can get through them all, my goal is to sew one previously never sewn pattern from my stash per month.

Because I like to quantify stuff, here's the count of my unsewn pattern stash.

Indie patterns: 5 (not including patterns from Gertie's book or the Colette book and not including freebies)  - I will do all of these this year!

Big 4 patterns: 25

I also found 2 patterns that I totally bought in the wrong size. So if anyone skinnier than me wants this pattern in 6-8-10 or this pattern in 4-6-8-10, just email me and they are yours for the cost of shipping (1st come, 1st serve).

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