Monday 3 November 2014

Crazy Cat Lady Sorbetto

When I heard about the Cat Lady Sewing Challenge, I knew it was something I had to do. Because I am ridiculous. I excitedly headed out to the local fabric store to see what I could find. The answer? Almost nothing. Nothing in the garment fabrics and only one cat pattern in the quilting section, which was all kinds of derpy. So what's an overly excited sewist to do? Buy it anyways!

Cat Lady Sorbetto

That's how I ended up with a length of beige fabric covered in half-derpy cats. And my one and only beige top. It's not a colour I usually wear, since it washes me out, but it's for a good reason. Behold, my crazy cat lady Sorbetto!

Cat Lady Sorbetto

This was my first time making my own bias tape, so that was a success in itself (minus the part where I burnt my finger on iron steam). As far as alternations, I lengthened the top by 2 inches, omitted the box pleat and shortened the shoulder straps in an attempt to stop the neckline and armholes from gaping.

Cat Lady Sorbetto

And that's the biggest issue I had was once again a gaping neckline. I shortened the shoulder straps and it helped a bit. In fact, it looked not bad until I added the bias tape, which made it much worse. This is the same issue I had with my first Sorbetto, so I think I'm going to have to make a hollow chest adjustment if I make this pattern again.

Cat Lady Sorbetto

I actually ended up planning my entire Halloween costume around this top. Yep, I went as a crazy cat lady. Including hair rollers, fluffy pink bathrobe, slippers and a purse full of stuffed cats (stuffies, not taxidermy fyi). Unfortunately (?), no photos of the costume have surfaced yet, although I know they are hiding on a couple sd cards somewhere. If I find them, I'll add them to the post so you can see me in my crazy cat lady glory.

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  1. I love this derpy fabric (what a great word, I've never come across that before!) and it was a great match with the Sorbetto. I could seriously enter a Cat Lady Sewing Challenge every week. Maybe there should be an online sewing club just for using cat fabrics....:) Hope you find the photos of your Halloween costume, that sounds hilarious!