Friday 28 November 2014

Making Decisions... wanna help?

Ok, here's the thing. I've recently gotten really interesting in historical clothing. Not for the first time, but anyway, my intense love of Victorian fashion is once again rearing up. I want to talk about it. Which, for me, means I want to blog about it. And not just Victorian. I've found a Regency ball talking place 3 hours from me at the end of February that I would love to attend (I'm on the waiting list, since it's sold out). I'm interesting in pretty much everything from Rococo to the Swinging Sixties.

So what's the problem? Well, I'm still going to be making modern clothes for day-to-day wear. So basically, my sewing is going to be a mish-mash of modern and historical in the foreseeable future and that's where I'm a bit stuck. Do I keep everything all on one blog, posting a modern skater dress one week, then rambling on about corsets and petticoats the next? I'm worried if I do this, modern sewers who might read my blog will be bored to tears by the historical stuff and historical sewers will just skip it because, well, boring modern stuff. Should I even care? Not many people honestly read this blog, so should I just say screw it and talk about what I want, went I want? Or should I leave this blog for modern stuff and start a second blog for everything historical? This would keep everything nice and separate (which would make me happy too). However, that's 2 blogs to manage instead of one and would probably mean fewer updates, although, if we're honest, consistent updating is not really a strong point of this blog anyway. And which blog is Bobbins and Bustles? I feel like that's more fitting for a historical blog, but I've mostly been using it for modern sewing, so it's kind of confusing to move pretty much everything to a different blog and the people who do follow me on Bloglovin would probably be a might confused.

Anyway, I'm going to think on this for a while, but if you have an opinion, I'd love to hear it. And if not, well, consider this your warning if things get weird in here.

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  1.'s my tuppenceworth as I follow you on bloglovin. Would I be turned off by historical sewing posts? No. It would be fun to read about things I haven't ever come across, and surely some of your makes and techniques will be relevant in our modern day and age sewing anyway? And what defines modern sewing, where does that start? 60s dresses are modern compared to Victorian I guess. And as the 60s happened 50 years ago, then it's historic now too...but here's where I am going with this....are there really any modern shapes anymore? Most patterns I see (and I am still very new to sewing) hark back in some way to the dressmaking style of previous decades or centuries. So maybe you don't need to categorise your sewing into eras, maybe it's all just sewing full stop.
    I know asking myself questions is a great way to work things out, so I wonder if, by asking the questions you did in your post, you have come to a decision? You said it best, that you should write what you want, when you want. It's your blog after all! :) I'll be interested to read whatever sewing adventures you blog about.

  2. Honestly, I do both on my blogspot blog along with my historical and modern cooking. Most people just post about all their projects - modern and historical - on the same blog. Some have two different blogs but you'll find there won't be as much crossover traffic between the two. A lot of people find that disheartening and tend to end up focusing on one blog and not the other despite still having a love of both subjects.

  3. I wouldn't be put off at all by seeing both historical and modern clothing posts on the same blog. In fact, that's half the fun, sometimes, opening a post and seeing which category it falls into today! As a fellow lover of costuming but needer of work clothes, perhaps I am a little biased, but I think the majority of people who sew probably do so across a wide range of topics and styles too, and would completely understand. Also, I already fallow you on two blogs, three would just be silly :P

  4. Now that NaNoWriMo has stopped eating my brain, I have finally gotten around to checking out your blog and... you must be in Alberta, since I am also attending a Regency ball at the end of February :o (Except I live there.) Therefore, we will obviously be bestest friends ;)

    Since is the literally the first post I looked at and went WAIT WHAT and had to comment, as a primarily historical sewer, I would not be adverse to a single blog dedicated to all sewing eras. I started mine as a way to document projects that just didn't feel "right" on my personal blog, and as it happens, I haven't posted about the one cosplay I made this year, nor have I done any modern sewing (despite my grand plans to make ALL the dresses for summer). And you've already got bustles in your title so... That's a complete stranger's 2c (which will actually be 5c, since we don't use pennies anymore ;))

    Now I'll go read the rest of the entries, promise!